Long Time No See!

So much for trying to blog every week.  It’s been nearly a year since I started this and then haven’t posted since.  I haven’t got enough reason other than life took over, as it does.  I am now back university pursuing my dream career in Museums.  Also in these last few months, I have said goodbye to three of my fur babies, Gingy, Knight and Murphy. However, I have welcomed two fur babies and a baby pony/tiger ( you will see what I mean by that later).  We are now the proud parents to baby wizard degus, Dumbledore and Gandalf.   Continue reading “Long Time No See!”


First Introductions and My Weekend Read.

I proudly present to you, Gingy (left) and Knight (right).  These are two are my baby boys, well they aren’t really babies anymore but they are still my babies.  

These two are brothers and were born nearly 4 years ago come August, to my Miss Piggie.  They were originally three but my Rowan passed over the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year. 

I love taking them out while I am reading and having a cheeky little snuggle.  Gingy is an escape artist and doesn’t like to sit still and will climb over my book for attention. Knight on the other hand likes to sit on my chest and let me read to him. He is such mummies boy. Hahah. 

So today has been one of those 4 season in one day, sort of day. We have a patch of sunshine so I decided to sit outside with the boys and my weekend read. 


I am currently reading ‘Six Four’ by Hideo Yokoyama, as presented by Knight above. It is a crime thriller book set in Japan.  This is not my usual type of book but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I was first intimidated by the size of the book, its 635 pages long,  nevertheless the text in the book is fairly spaces out and not to big or small, so its easy to read.  Also the translation is done very well so the story flows very easy and well and makes a enjoyable read. Defiantly a dyslexic friendly book.  

Well, keep an eye out for a review of ‘Six Four’ and the introduction of my other three piggies. 

First blog post

Well this is exciting my first ever blog and blog person. The idea behind this is to share my love of reading and my guinea pigs.

Also I am aiming to promote reading to people who are dyslexic, like me, and to those who have other learning difficulties.  I will try to rate how dyslexic friendly the book is, for example the language, the text size and font ect..

And through it all my guinea pigs will be with me.  Next time I will introduce my five evil minions.